Insurance Company

Janitorial Workers Compensation

As a janitorial business, you should have a workers compensation insurance policy in place. Although most states require businesses to carry this type of coverage, many do not. You can end up paying thousands of dollars in medical bills and other expenses for injuries that happen at work. If an employee gets hurt, you could […]

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Comp Plans

Check Out Comp Plans Before You Make a New Hire

If you’re looking to make a new hire, the first thing you should look for is a compensation plan that reflects your values. You should consider whether a certain bonus threshold will motivate your sales reps to reach quota. For example, if you need an AE to hit 80% of their quota before you give […]

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Insurance Company

Trucking Workers Compensation Coverage For Towing Businesses

Many drivers feel that they can’t be fully protected by workers comp unless they’re driving for a commercial trucking company. But this isn’t true! In fact, you should always have workers comp on your vehicle to protect yourself legally from death or serious injury while working for any trucking firm. If you don’t have this […]

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