A jewelry blog name can either be a conversation starter or an understated nod to the jewelry industry. Prism sums up the feeling of exploring the prism of life, with a play on words (Opal, refraction). In addition, Ringmaster commands attention and perpetuates an expectation of insight into the world of jewelry. This makes it an excellent choice for a jewelry blog. Here are some suggestions for amazing bracelet: Roos-Anne Roos-Anne’s blog

A lot of jewelry blogs are about celebrity jewelry, but this one is aimed at the general public. Cathleen McCarthy is a former contributing editor for several high-profile magazines, and she writes about celebrity jewelry, auctions, and expert tips. This blog is highly organized, and it’s geared towards the jewelry-loving crowd. She discusses jewelry design, celebrity styles, and wearable smart jewelry.

Roos-Anne van Dorsten is a Dutch blogger who gained fame through her blog, ModeRosa. She covered fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, and eventually launched her own Youtube channel and Instagram page. Her Instagram account has over 13,000 followers, and she sells jewelry, accessories, and presets to make your Instagram feed perfect. You should definitely check out her blog if you’re into jewelry design. Esther Ligthart’s blog

If you love jewelry and want to know more about the different trends, you should read Esther Ligthart’s blog. This website was started in 2006 and focuses on smaller, independent jewellers. It is full of helpful advice and beautiful pictures of real women wearing jewelry. It also features interviews with the creators of jewellery, making it an excellent resource for anyone looking for inspiration. This blog is an excellent source for all things jewelry, from tips on cleaning and caring for your pieces to tips on choosing necklace length.

Margo’s blog oozes coziness and has a fairytale-like tone, making it a great place to start learning about jewelery. Esther Ligthart’s blog is another great resource for all things jewellery. Despite being based in the Netherlands, Esther has lived in Italy for six years, where she developed an interest in handmade jewellery. She also writes for several trade publications and has an inspiring Instagram account. Simone Walsh’s blog

The blog for Simone Walsh’s jewelry is as attractive as her store. The blog features tips for caring for your jewelry, as well as information on gemstones, the latest jewelry trends, and antique jewelry auctions. Simone’s blog also features a wealth of information on antique jewelry, as well as style advice from an expert in the field. There’s something for everyone on this blog, including you.

Whether you’re looking for a piece to match an outfit or a specific occasion, you’ll be delighted with the fine jewelry by Simone Walsh. With over seventy new pieces in her collection, her jewellery is sure to make a lasting impression. And because she’s designed everything herself, you can wear it anywhere – even while you’re on vacation! The blog also gives you useful tips on cleaning your sterling silver jewelry and how to choose the perfect necklace length. Cheryl Kremkow’s blog

If you’re a jewelry maker, you’ll want to check out Cheryl Kremkow’s jewel-obsessed blog. Her articles cover everything from celebrity jewelry trends to design tips. Plus, her Instagram account is chock-full of gem-covered designs. Plus, her Minneapolis, Minnesota, boutique Max’s Jewelry is an institution. Its inventory is so mind-blowing, you’ll feel like you’re eating a chocolate bar!

This well-organized blog is full of information on jewelry trends, celebrity jewelry, and jewelry design. Cheryl even talks about wearable smart jewelry! Katherine is a fashion blogger from Hamburg, Germany, and has an impressive jewelry collection. She recently took on a yearlong challenge to wear a different piece of jewelry every day. The result? A blog full of interesting reads. You’ll want to subscribe to both of these blogs for inspiration. Gem Obsessed’s blog

A total jewelry addict? Then you’ll love Gem Obsessed’s blog, written by jewel aficionado Cheryl Kremkow. Her blog covers everything from the latest trends in jewelry to interviews with designers and jewelers. Not only does she talk about the latest trends, she also gives tips and tricks on how to wear your favourite pieces. She also writes about celebrity jewelry and the latest trends in the industry.

A jewelry maker herself, Helen’s jewelry creations are inspired by her travels to Crete. She loves working with metals and gems and uses her blog to showcase her pieces. Gems are not only her passion, but also her family heritage. Her grandfather used to travel to the Mojave desert and collect gemstones. Today, she is continuing the family tradition by sharing the secrets of making beautiful jewelry with her family. Cathleen McCarthy’s blog

The Jewels Blog, curated by Cheryl Kremkow, is one of the most popular costume jewelry blogs. The blog covers a wide variety of topics from jewelry design to the art of gemology. Daniele’s posts are interesting to read about the history of jewelry, while Cathleen’s focus on unique jewelry designs is a fun and unique take on the industry. Cathleen’s blog features both traditional and contemporary pieces.

This site is a great resource for jewelry makers, as it features a thriving Ask an Expert section that offers tons of how-to information. Topics covered include designing and marketing, and it also has an ongoing collection of celebrity jewelry. Cheryl’s experience in the jewelry industry is evident in her posts, as she has worked on many different jewelry magazines for 25 years and has her own media company.

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