jewelry business blog names

Jewelry Blog Names

A jewelry blog name can either be a conversation starter or an understated nod to the jewelry industry. Prism sums up the feeling of exploring the prism of life, with a play on words (Opal, refraction). In addition, Ringmaster commands attention and perpetuates an expectation of insight into the world of jewelry. This makes it […]

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How A 'Confidence Coach' Helped Me Grow Up

How A ‘Confidence Coach’ Helped Me Grow Up

We all know that confidence is a work need. But, like many women, I need more. Confidence is honed, so I’m told. So I looked for a trainer and found Sheryl Goldstein, global strategy and business development director at Own the Room, a New York-based executive presence training firm. Own the Room trains individuals and […]

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Tips for renting a house

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